Program statement

At Rainbow Village Day Care Centre, we strive to provide a program that will meet every child’s needs regardless of class, colour and creed. We thus provide opportunities through play for children to grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

In addition, our goal is to provide opportunities to learn about the children in our care and their families, as we believe that children are best understood within the context of their families.

Our curriculum at Rainbow Village is a play based approach that incorporates the Ministry of Education’s Policy guidelines as mandated by its document, How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy For Early Years. We therefore focus on the four foundations of learning: Well Being, Expression, Belonging and Engagement so as to foster healthy development that promotes a sense of self, a desire to play and learn through inquiry and exploration, and to foster authentic relationships and connections among other children, and adults and thus make sense of the world around them and how and where they fit in.

With this ideology being at the core of our planning, educators at Rainbow Village are dedicated and consistent in planning learning experiences for children that promote self-help skills, turn taking, sharing and self-regulating their emotions. Teaching/ learning experiences are based on their interest and move from the known to the unknown so as to foster curiosity and encourage an eagerness to learn and feel a sense of self-worth when success in learning is achieved.

At Rainbow Village there exists an understanding that every child is an “individual” and is from different cultural backgrounds. We accept this and thus all experiences provide choices in terms of materials available for play and different methods to express how and what they have learnt.

At Rainbow Village, the educators demonstrate their commitment to play by recognizing that there is a need for children to possess the following:

  • Health-This is achieved by providing them with the proper nutrition as is mandated by The Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Developing and promoting communication skills through positive interactions such as talking, listening and allowing children to express their creativity and take their learning in desired direction based on their interests.
  • Allowing them to express their feelings in a respectful manner and interacting with other children and adults from a wide variety of backgrounds. This learning will unfold through , but is not limited to reading books, discussions, trips, different play materials, resource persons such as children’s families or individuals from the community and pictures.
  • * Recognizing and accepting that every child learns differently and is at a different stage developmentally and so meeting them where they are at and building on their pre-existing skills.
  • Engaging in outdoor play, once the weather permits for two (2) hours each day, one hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

Rainbow Village Day Care Centre promotes positive and open communication between parents and staff by inviting parents every three months to come in and observe their child’s work as well as discuss any concerns they have about their child’s development. In addition, information will be provided via, pamphlets and presentations regarding resources that will aid families based on needs observed. It is also an opportunity to connect with the larger community as each parent is encouraged to bring a friend or family member. On a daily basis, parents are welcomed into the centre with their child/children. Parents are free to interact with teachers. This open dialogue fosters camaraderie and sets the tone for relationships that show each parent, “you and your child/children matter”. Also, to further enhance rapport and build positive bonds with families “enrichment experiences/ activities” will occur every three months for children and parents are encouraged to come in, if possible, to take part in such “enrichment exercises”.

At Rainbow Village, behaviours that are concerning will follow a due process. This process first involves informing the parent. With the parent’s verbal consent an outside resource person will be contacted. Based on their observations and recommendations, the parent/s will be informed in writing and verbally. Suggestions will be implemented in the day to day running of the program so as to improve or correct concerning behaviours observed.

Likewise, teachers must exude a level of professionalism and are appraised annually. Their performance include, positive communication with staff , parents and children, punctuality, demonstrating responsive inclusiveness, their dress code and providing experiences for children that will enhance the learning process.

An open door policy exists at Rainbow Village. Each child is seen as equally important and so children thrive in a prejudice, racist and bias free environment. Children with special needs are accepted as we celebrate and embrace differences. To promote responsive inclusiveness universally designed toys are present in our day care so depending on special needs, every child, despite his/her need can engage in a learning experience. We use “people first language” so we focus on the child and not on his /her disability.

Rainbow Village will ensure that all staff, support staff, students and volunteers will review its Program Statement before beginning employment or interactions with the children. On an annual basis as seeing fit, the program Statement will be updated to reflect the current pedagogical stipulations.