Every child is an individual.
Each child is unique in regards to his/her personality, physical growth, mental growth, likes and dislikes.

Our learning experiences and activities will offer a variety of materials and situations so that every child can find “his/her area of interest” within the day care environment. A child grows in many ways including socially, physically, mentally and emotionally. Each developmental stage is interrelated, and thus the child excels when opportunities are provided for each to function at its optimum level.

Our method of decreasing undesirable behaviours will involve a non-punitive and very positive approach. We will be very consistent in correcting the undesirable behaviour/s observed in a manner that makes each child, even after been redirected, still feel secure, safe, loved and accepted.

For physical development we will provide equipment in good condition and in duplicates/multiples. In addition, a variety of exercise programs will be offered.

Intellectually, we will provide stimulating materials and experiences, which will encourage a child to think and reason logically. We will do our best to answer every question a child asks in a truthful manner so as to promote and foster critical thinking.

Socially, we will provide opportunities for learning and self-expression . We will provide group experiences and the direction to help each child to become and feel a part of a group. Children will learn that group experiences are both very rewarding and valuable. Through play and relationships with others the child will learn to express himself and become imaginative.

Our goal is that each child finds peace and happiness while going through each developmental stage. To ensure that this occurs, we will provide a warm, loving, safe and consistent atmosphere for this to unfold and grow.