Inclusion Policy

Inclusion is perceived as, “all children feeling welcomed, supported and valued.”

It means that the daily experiences of playing, learning and growing happen in such a way that all children feel a sense of belonging. It does not mean that every child does exactly the same thing at the same time because all children have different aptitudes and abilities. An inclusive setting accommodates and celebrates different diversities and builds on children’s strengths and needs, abilities and celebrates everyone’s uniqueness. Effective inclusion is therefore an ongoing process.

We at Rainbow Village Day Care Centre believe that all children will develop to the best of their abilities if they have a positive, nurturing and secure developmental environment that promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. “We support all children to reach their full potential”.

We believe that all children and their families are unique and will bring value to our program. We strive to have an open relationship with all families, and give every child the opportunity to be an active participant in all aspects of our child care centre. All educators will be provided with ongoing training so that they can best support each child, based on their individual needs. Also, having a supportive partnership with the community and a range of different services that will support and assist our educators and the classroom, will give the children and families a successful, enjoyable experience while at Rainbow Village Day Care Centre.

All educators are provided with ongoing training through Professional Educational workshops and webinars.

In addition, educators possess memberships with different professional organisations which keep them knowledgeable and updated with current practices which are implemented in the classroom. Also, being in partnership with the Peel Inclusion Resource Services (PIRS) gives Rainbow Village’s Staff support to give the children and their families what is needed to “nurture each child’s healthy development and support his/her growing sense of self.”

All Staff at Rainbow Village will give each child “The Right to Play” .

Staff will use their knowledge and practice “The Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice with the core set of beliefs and values being care, respect, trust and integrity” which will be acted out towards other professionals, children and their families. It will also serve as a foundation For The Rainbow Village Staff to act as a professional as mandated by The College of Early Childhood Educators.

Rainbow Village Day Care staff members as is required will review the Centre’s Inclusion Policy annually and sign off to ensure that the ongoing commitment of having an inclusive environment will be supported by all.